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  • Communication ... Its Art & Soul

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    COMMUNICATION: Its Art & Soul

    Language is the marvel of the human species. With carefully chosen words, "we can shape events in each other’s brains with exquisite precision." We can sow the seed of an idea; inspire fear, hope, or trust; collaborate; converse; argue; reason; or love. Communication is the constant of our existence: done well, it can alter the landscape of our lives.

    Effective communication improves the way we do business; the way we conduct our domestic lives and our relations with friends and acquaintances; and the way we share our deepest emotions, thoughts, and inspirations. From the time of the Greek Sophists, who taught their students to use skilled rhetoric to gain power, through Dale Carnegie’s still-popular How to Win Friends and Influence People, people have always wanted to know how to improve their communication.

    Communication: Its Art and Soul predicates its examination of mundane conversation and dialogue on the back of a hallowed principle: the injunction to love your fellow as yourself . Communication requires us to inhabit the reality of another, to enter their mind and identify with their perspective, no matter how foreign it may seem. Thus, loving our fellow as ourselves, that great principle of the Torah, is the bedrock upon which good communication is built.

    Built on ancient Jewish wisdom and coupled with the latest in psychological research, this course aims to construct a coherent vision of what is worth saying and then to provide practical knowledge of how to go about saying it–as timely a pursuit today as always.

    Six Wednesdays
    7:30–9:00 p.m.
    January 31st - March 14th

    Chabad of SW Broward
    10601 Stirling Road,
    Cooper City, FL 33328

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